I just posted like two blogs in one page, and I'm not going to flood the page so I'm posting it in forum.

Okay, now currently, I kind of have like two Facebook accounts. One is disabled, but I don't know why. It was made one year ago, and I was 11 back then without telling my age on Facebook. I think it was a mistake but I lied about my age on Facebook. Should I still contact an administrator? I have another Facebook account, but I still haven't add anybody yet, because it's meant to be an account that I only add people I met in real life. I don't know why, but I keep forgetting to tell my dad about adding some people I meet in real life. Plus, I don't go on Facebook much anymore because I kind of got bored of it.

Now I was thinking about making a new Facebook account to add people I meet online, but strangely I think it's more fun that way. Do you think I should make ANOTHER e-mail or should I change my private account to public? Because I have like two e-mails, and I didn't want to have like more than that. So I guess I should change it private to public. So, tell me your opinion please. ^__^

I don't go to facebook that much =___=" I was lured by my friends to sign up with a facebook, well if you don't really go to facebook/dislikes facebook then why even go there? I think if you like facebook then make a new account or if your happy with your account and likes how many people you've added and stuff then stay with your old account :3. But umm you know they're are going to be STRANGERS in facebook so if you try to add them online well I hope I SALUTE YOU! Lol, just be careful.

My opinion is just do what's best for you Smile.

to be honest, i hav a fb account underage too... practically my whole school does. its nothing to worry about, as long as u dont talk to strangers
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