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Sooo! I am super bored at school sometimes so in my spare time I will be doing tutorials. Just post what you would like drawn. Please do not be mad at the length of time it may take for me to complete your request. Commissions come before my requests received. And don't be mad if I cant get to your tutorial, their are severals other people here that would love to fulfill your requests, not only me.

Will do- Females, Anime Characters (Please tell me the name of the anime though) and on occasions OCs (On very special occasions I will do males)

Will not do- Masculine males, site avatars, full nudity.

How to request- You can pm me, comment here or on my profile. ********Please list what the picture is of or else I will not draw it!********  Thats it.


Can you please draw Kagura from Gintama :3? Thanks very much ^^!

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