It would be very nice if someone could make a nice big toturial featuring cats. I have been trying to lean how to draw them but always mess up when my reference walks away... It would help greatly. And who knows, I might just agree to an art trade.

I need to learn how to draw the basic poses mostly, like standing up, sitting down, front veiw or side veiw. You can do any of these if you do end up taking an interest.

Just a normal domesticated cat please.

Alright, I'll do it

haha... thats great. i made this tutorial for a request. here:

i know how to draw cats!!!! just check out my drawings!! search up scarfire839!! i will make a tutorial for you on how to draw a domesticated cat, though my drawings aren't.

hey thanks for sharing that link and thanks for this thread about Cats. i love cats. and can someone draw space objects ?
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