Hello all. Welcome to the 1st Holiday Contest!!

The Holiday this contest is running for is Valentines Day!!!♥♥♥ ^_^

For this contest you have alot of different options of thigns to draw. Choose 1! Extra points are given on how romantic you make it. Remember it's Valentines Day.

You can:

-draw a pic of you and your bf/gf

-draw a pic of your own couple

-draw a pic of you and an anime character

-draw a pic of you and your crush

-draw a pic of an anime couple from any anime

-draw a pic of your OC with an anime character.

-draw a pic of your OC with your crush

The drawing must be colored or shaded, if either can be done talk to me first!!

Ok that's what I came up with for now. I might add more if I remember any or think of any so keep checking this forum incase you can find another option that you like. Or if you have an idea I didn't list here, talk to me about it and I'll add it so you can draw it, and other people can drw it. Or if you don't want anyone else to draw what you thought of I won't post it.

The deadline for this contest is Valentines Day!!! February 14th!!!! Please try to upload your enry by then because Valentines Day only lsts for 1 day and it would be nice to have te pics by then and not after.

Ok I think that's about it. Any questions, comments, quaries, and/or complaints please talk to me.

Good luck!! And Thanks! ^_^


=D i'm so in!!! this will be fun!!! =D

i love valentines day .........i know people think just because im a dude i shouldnt enjoy valentines day but i like it

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