Hello all!! ^_^

Welcome to contest 4 and thanks for participating in the last contest!

Contest 4 is to draw an anime portrait of yourself.

The only rules for this contest are that the portrait must be a HEADSHOT

You can choose weather you want it to be a front view, 3/4 view or side view.

The deadline of this contest is........Wedmesday, 28 January. If you need an extention o the date please let me know.

PIcture must be colored or shaded. If either can't be done then just tell me nd it'll be ok, but before the contest ends.

ANy questions, comments, quaries, and/or complaints please let me know.

Please enter and have fun!

Good luck!


kewl, I think i can manage that!!!!!!!!!!!! you have to draw your head right? and can you include neck and shoulders?

Yes you can. When I say headshot I don't want like the bbody to be there that's all.

i will try to be in and thx for choing meh to win ^_^

Awww it's ok. But Don't say that. No one's really bad at drawing at least in my opinion. You just need practice. You should see my drawings from last year. They looked good at th time but now I look at them they look like something worth throwing up on. XD  

But practice and you'll gt better. Don't give up on drawing!!!!

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