okay so this is the first time that i made one of these so good luck understanding. contact me if you have any questions. if you think i may need to change anything...im open to suggestions.


1.i want at least 3 people in the contest.

 2.i will not be the only jugde. i will pick random people who are not in the compition.

3.i may add to this if i have any ideas. 4.sorry for any spelling errors. im tiredish


*mineral town bachelor/bachelorette's (pick one)

 *only one character

*please include a head. i dont mind if you add a body or not. (bodys are perferred)


i'll be in it!! wen do we hav to make the pic by?? where do we post the pic wen we r finished?? just to refresh my memory and correct me if i'm rong but..... the characters in mineral town consists of cliff, ann, rick, popuri, gray, mary, kai, karen, harvest goddess, witch princess, elli, and doctor (trent) right??

ok so i dont care wen unless the due date passed but i finished today so i just need to no where to post it get bac to me wen u can i'm sure that mine is really good trust me!!

i just realized do i post it here?? like where i am riting?? srry if i sound stupid at the moment i think scool is killing my brain lolz

almost right. i believe that mineral town characters are cliff, ann, gray, mary, kia, popuri, rick, karen, goddess, won, gourment, and the kappa. but you posted it in the right place. the end of the contest is when i get at least 2 or 3 submitions. Smile
and doctor(trent) and elli...forgot them. Smile

I cant be in it cause mah comp is seriouly messed up, I do not want it to explode on meh, so can i bee a judge?

sure. yay. now i dont have to look for one. Smile please encourage people to join.

ill do a bachlorette

hey  im gonna join alright

so far there is only one picture submitted into the contest. when there is at least one more picture submitted, i will set a date.

ya know what, ill just set a date. umm....feb. 28

itll be judged on the 1st

Originally posted by: PinkAnimeAngel

ill do a bachlorette

if u r doin a bachelorette...... then can u plz hurry!!! the date for the contest is set and it is the 28th of this month and the judging will be on march 1st!!! soooooo hurry b4 time runs out!!!

she finished it, but cant get it on here cuz its to big.....maybe she can put it on her album....if thats what its called.....but whatever. give us the link when its on.

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