Hi hi!!! ^_^

For this contest you are to draw a picture of yourself chibi style!!! ^_^

What are chibis? They're cute little manga people (see my gallery for an example of one)

Chibi drawing must be colored shaded. If you can't just tell me why, and you'll be safe.

You can draw yourself doing anything you want. Be Creative!!

Please sign your drawing so no one can steal it please.  ^_^

The deadline for this is.  January 12. If you need me to extend the date please let me know. If you read this forum the night before the contest ends and you want to enter then just send me a message and I'll give you as much time as you need. ^_^

Any questions, quaries, complaints, and/or comments please take them to me I'll help with anything.


Good luck!! Can't wait to see them all. ^_^



i am in a can draw 2 but where do u want us to upload them and what do we win

Look in my gallery. I have a drawing of one. it's in a kimono (Japanese dress).  it's labeled chibi

Reply to soniclover:

Upload it to the group gallery, and for the prizes, I'll still thinking on what the prizes will be when someone wins. It'll be difficult for me to do art requests because I get alot of schoolwork. But I still wanan give prizes, I just don't knwo what.

Reoky to VampirexLovely:

Well don't worry on how good you think you are. I don't only judge for the drawing. Just try your best. Afterall, one of the thigns I do judge on is effort.

Thankyou for entering ^_^

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