Hey guys it's me kitkatlord

I am doing a dragon contest to see who can do the best dragon. it can be done by your own hand or on this site remember you are not aloud to go on any other drawing site ( sorry that's just the way it is) and here are the rules

We have a a drawing or tutorial:

JessiCrystalGurl - Dragons

Bolt220 - How to draw a two headed dragon

Dragonfang - Thunder vs fire

mayaningstar - Dragon sketch

ashleythrisha - Fire Breathing Dragon

S-RaeGard - Dragon and a rider

One more place is left so hurry up .... before monday


1. You cannot copy or trace an image

2. You can't draw it on an other site ( you will not be counted in the contest unless you are on this site and drawing)

3. Itcan be your own style of drawing of the dragon or it can be looked up on the google and drawn ( I will know if you are copying)

4. You can include a background to it

5. It has to be a drawing of the dragon

6. Good luck!

Info more...

you can earn these points by adding this stuff to your drawing

Add a backgroung +1

Add an other drgon +15

Add an action to it +20 for eg: the dragon can be breathing out a big ball of fire or its in a combat.

Add other  +3

Add shades and light + will be marked individually

And that's it really don't forget to enter quickly


The person who wins gets to have a dragon of my drawing which i will show you later who is the winner

Ill enter! Smile This is my entry:


Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer your questions. <3
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