Omg I finally got a good number of votes. Well it's decided that out first contest will be......

      Draw a picture of your favorite character from anime manga/anime

Ok if there are any questions please ask me I'll answer them all. Good luck Manga Artists' Maniaers! ^_^

What will be required in your entry:

-Your character HAS to be from an anime (that's what everyone voted on)

-Picture can either be colored or shaded (either are fine, worth same amount of points)

-When you enter your contest please give a title (the name of the character and the anime)

-Please sign it to prevent art theft.

Thankyou! Any questions please feel free to ask! ^_^

The contests ends 2 Tuesdays from now. In other words 2 weeks, in more words, when the next Tuesday comes, the one after it will be the day the contest ends. I'll get the date for it. If you need me to potmone the contest go ahead and ask I know you have school and work to do.


yes you do!!!

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