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Okie-dokie I got some pretty good ideas for a contest that I'm really impressed with. These are the submitted ideas:

1- Draw yourself in a special manga outfit with special powers.

2- A self-portrait of yourself.

3- Draw a cute chibi in nime clothes

4- Draw a picture of your favorite anime character from any anime.

Here's what you can vote on, An idea was submitted to draw a Christms picture but I wanna have a different contest for Christmas so I kept that idea in mind. (Thanks to the person who suggested it)

I also got anothe suggestion to make a manga of 9 pages. It was a good idea but I would be too hard, and it'd take up alot of time. But, maybe for a seperate contest, you'd have to draw 1 scene from your manga (doesn't even have to be from your manga, just anytyhing). (Thanks to the person who suggested that also.

Ok people cast your votes please so we can finally have this first contest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 please sis!

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