Here is the last Painting lesson on ateliermagique.com : Nude with mixed material half-abstract.


Have a look and give me a feedback, please.


Hey Keep it clean, there are some young kids on here besides that though, thats a Good Painting.

what do you mean ? Sould I delete this topic ?

Yeah i agree with sasuke...But great painting still!

It's art, not some pornographic image, I think it should stay posted, its beautifull..

thank you for your response ;-)

If you want to have a free online gallery online, check please ateliermagique.com. It's new, it's free and it's a good stuff ;-)

I know Its art, But I have a friend and hes about 30 and any Nude image affends him plus some parents moniter kids websites and they might block it (Don't want that happening) and just some people aren't ok with it. You can Keep the post up though. Anyways I look Forward to seeing More post or drawings.

yeah I agree with superdude it is a great painting and there are millions of painting of nude and it is not pornographic or anything

according to the drawingnow rules, turorials, drawings, and uploads of nudety or pornography aren't allowed, so this falls into the category

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