hellow sir's and ma'ams .. where do you guys draw? hehehehe `^^,~

At the drawings section in the top where it says hme, tut, drawings? Well click on drawings if you want to draw there and add a drawing in the white menue.

If you want to create a tutorial just add it at the tutorials section, it  can be featured if you're good enough! :D Or you can create a drawing or tutorial at you account with these two HUGE buttons that says "create drawings" or "create tutorials"

Hope it helps! Welcome to this site

waw . thanks so much!  have a nice day . shi shi shi. Smile

Originally posted by: roharia

 disturbing picture so it's censored.

WHAT THE SUGAR PLUMS?! You again? If you wanna be a troll go to trolls.com, not here. So stop spamming the forums with a wereied brain-ish thingy.


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