Hi guys,
I am beginner in drawing. I want to by good like the others witch can draw everthing and absolutly great and with nice colors. But It´s a long way. Cut someone tell me, how can i shoudl star? What I need know firs, second ... All fantasy, manga ... and good background? And what i need all I need for it?
Pretty please someone, cut you teach me it? Smile)
I love draw, but I am not draw quite good :-(

Very thanks, for every answer...

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A good start on learning how to draw is to buy lots of How To Draw books and to follow online tutorials. C: It's also helpful to look at pictures of what you are drawing and to use photos as a reference. ^^ For making background, photos of wildlife and different places, such as forests and fields can be a good thing to use as a reference when you draw. It also helps to make a light sketch of what you want to draw before you start on the lines, breaking down the drawing into many different shapes which act as guidelines. ^^
Need help? Feel free to shoot me a message and I'll be happy to answer your questions. <3
It is kinda hard to draw with a mouse, so I suggest you get a drawing tablet. They help you draw alot!
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