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Well it isnt me i'm nice 2 u and ive only been 2 ur profile once!

Were you on my prfile at two in the morning? Were any of you at my page at two in the moring? No. Only one person was online on my page durring that time period (2 am for me). I have already reported it to a staff member. DeividasXD was the only one online currently occording to my "recent visitors" thing. Both times it showed his picture. Then he has the gully to send me a friend request for a second time, no. I don't accept. If I find another person was guilty because it happens again, I'll let up. However, the timing, not to mention the fact that I banned him while he was online and then suddenly not all of my tutorials got an additional rating or 1 star, it's just way to convinceing that DeividasXD is the troll.

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