For some reason I am not able to load an unfinished drawing and publish it. It will indeed upload to the drawing page but every time I try to publish it, it will never show up in the gallery also the Upload page is mostly a blank white page except the top 5% of the page and it shows. It's almost like the whole page isn't loading. I really love the new drawing application since the last time I was here. I have been making some pretty good drawings after spending a few hours of work but unless I take screen shots of my work I lose everything. Even then I can never upload my screen shots to my profile in the pictures section. Please I need help badly, I am starting to lose interest in drawing here completely. I have a facebook page called Online Drawing Sites & Artists and I have really been trying to promote but without being able to use the publish function or even the upload/pictures there's not much sense in me bragging on the site because as many times as I have tried to produce a great drawing the end is always the same. Please help? Unhappy
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