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So one user copied my drawing without asking no credit whatsoever technically plagiarizing and stealing it calling it her/his own just a different name and the steps are in different order that's all. The drawing that was copied was my Zazie from Letter Bee outline it looks identical. Any help or assistants on what to do make a rule or something so other people wont steal your drawings please. I put effort and time into it some one goes in and copies it and calls it their own no credit or asking if I can do that really it is your skill that matters then someone else's. You should've just tried your best and draw it on your own then stealing my art work. Staff you should really do something about this cause it is a learning site to draw and it was plagiarizing if you don't want to draw no point in stealing my artworks which I put effort in and time to make it look good or close to the real drawing of it.
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