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Find out your new years resolution! Then you can answer my poll! Tongue Okay (this is a quiz btw)

1. Dilemma! What's it about this time?
A. My room! Friends are coming over and its such a mess!
B. All alone, stuck, doing nothing - on a Saturday!!!
C. My embarrassing parents, grrrrr!
D. No clothes to wear :[

2. Your friends at school describe your downside as:
A. Messy!
B. Anti-Social/I don't have any friends.
C. Worrier/complainer!
D. Basic.

3. You're about to have a major party, what's gonna go wrong?
A. People will leave a mess! My parents will kill me!
B. Nobody will come.
C. My humiliating family will spoil the fun!
D. My clothes! Nobody likes them!

Mostly A's - Tidiness: Your new years resolution is to be more tidy!
To compromise, make a deal that when you get something out and you've
done playing/wearing it, pack it away. That way you will never forget
to put stuff away! Make sure your parents agree to this and know!
Have a test to see how tidy you can get your room before 2014!

Mostly B's - Socialize: Your new years resolution is to socialize!
You probably are new, or don't have that much friends anyway, so
you should join in with local clubs, school activities, camp ETC.
That way, you may meet many more people! If your shy, practice
doing it in the mirror, or borrow a member of your family.
Have a test to see how social and confident you will be before 2014!

Mostly C's - Family: Your new years resolution is about family!
Maybe you think your family is a little bit loopy, ok ALOT, but
that doesn't mean you can't have fun! Explain to your parents
that you like the fact that they help you out, but it's a bit
too embarrassing. Try have a fun day out, you might find out
their real personalities! Have a test to see how many activities
you can do together before 2014!

Mostly D's - Clothes: Your new years resolution is about your clothes!
Your wardrobe may have just one colour in it, like black or white.
Maybe your fear is shopping. Remember, its ok to be body-conscious.
Try and see in your wardrobe what clothes match together, also have
a shopping spree with your friends, they will help you! If you have
trouble with matching, mixing and blending, then all you need to do
is ask. Take style tips from magazines, and wear what makes you feel comfortable.
Have a test to see if you can at least change a quarter of your wardrobe before 2014!

Well, there it is! x
Mwah! :* <3 xxxx <3
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