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For drawingnow I want to help improve it I'm not saying this website's bad but I like to make more users join.


I want to tell you guys some ideas for drawingnow .^^

You know the ink bar? I drew one of my pictures but since there wasn't enough ink I couldn't shade or add some MORE color, I think the ink should be like unlimited XD or like 150, 125, or 200 (or more!) .

Some more tools... I LOVE the fill tool, it's so unique (I had never ever seen that kind of fill tool ) Like some stickers or glitter XD I dunno something unique.

A writing topic, hehehe maybe an extra topic on the top (where it says "home, tutorials, drawings, gallery, members, blog, forum, polls, groups, ETC" Writing is creative (also drawing) so people can submit some stories (anything basically X).) and maybe get some stories featured and stuff (IF YOU LIKE WRITING PFF lol)

And maybe an eraser, I know you erase will the white thing but it doesn't match with the paper :U

I'm not complaining, just giving some ideas ^_^

what are some of your ideas ? (TELL ME OR FLYING CATS WILL GLOMP YOU I mean .....)

i have to disagree with your writing idea because... well... this is a DRAWING website. that's why its called if you want to write, go write somewhere else.

Hm well you are right. But you can DRAW with your mind while writing. You can always use the blogs to write but no one BARELY looks at the blogs. Creativness isn't just about drawing (sorry if I bursted your bubble) Tongue you can write to show your creative ARTISTIC side. I love writing (esspically* stories). If you don't like this idea then ignore it.. OK?

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