Child and I are working on a project called twilight-hero project.
Don't judge the name, its basically a project of this super hero team we hope to soon make stories about.
But the group isn't exactly finished.
We have the leader, named twilight star, once again don't judge the name, and three others. Prince moon the wizard, (yeah its corny) his shadow, Nilrem, (opposite to the name Merlin which is the name of the greatest wizard of the entire world since Nilrem is a rebel and plays tricks) please help us with how he will look, and a Kitsune or katsune (I don't really know which way is actually how you pronounce it) she doesn't really have a name so research about her species.(its a japanese, Chinese and i think korean legend?)

So help out with how Nilrem will look, Prince Moon's name, the Kitsune/Katsune's name, and make up new team members( Make a back story). And don't worry, we will be asking for more help later. (Adventures/stories, city,etc.) But lets focus on this. Thanks!
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