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Just give your OC's info(fill out form) and say an ice breaker Smile


Name: Shantell
Gender: Female
Crush: No way!
Likes: Books, Her knight(Aeneas), And stuff (get to know her)
Dislikes: responsibities, public speaking
Other/appearance: This princess is a chocoalte lab with cream markings, and fluffy tail. She always wears a tail ribbon. glow necklace, and crown(gold with red jewel) She has a pink nose and magenta eyes.

Name: Toxic
Gender: Male
Crush: Frostbite
Likes: Moose, Shy people, Real candy(though he cant have it)
Dislikes: Having to eat sour candies, People, Mud/Rain, Bugs, His body
Other/appearance: A black and green striped moose pinata (with one purple stripe) And yellow eyes. Filled with sour candies only

Name: Frostbite
Gender: Feminine
Crush: Toxic
Likes: Scarves, Earrings, Toxi being romantic, candlelight dinners. eggs
Dislikes: Arguments, Socializing with non-friends, children, pain
Other/appearance: A white arctic fox(very small), Has light blue markings, dark blue nose, and lime eyes.

Name: Paris
Gender: female
Crush: N/A
Likes: Fish, friends, flying,
Dislikes: Water(wtf right), dressing up, getting hit on, bears
Other/appearance: A pink wolf with a black swirl on the base of tail. Purple nose and eyes. She is an angel but her halo glows black! (has a tendency to push her halo around/fix it )

Paris hovers over a nearby lake waiting for jumping fish, beside her is Frostbite and Toxic taking an afternoon snooze.
this is awesome
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