Hi, let me introduce myself, my name is Dan. I'm starting draw hair for manga and picture 3 month ago and now i want say thank this site
At the start, i waned to try in practice 2D hair drawing and have an overall imagination of your scenes and characters
In the starters, it may be useful to practice in 2D hair drawing and have an overall imagination of my scenes and characters.
I've found an easy-to-follow hair drawing tutorial with a huge range of sketches.
They are simple, but easy-to-follow (and there is a comprehensive step-by-step guideline),
and provide a variety of anatomic poses, characters and objects - in fact,
enough to catch up with proportion of any object you'll need. In further, a more profound guide on anatomy can be found at how to draw anime hair
There are lessons on traditional, digital art, and also anime
but personally I suppose it's better to start with paper,
since, after getting on with it,
you'll have more profound skill and it will be easier for you to work with digital art.
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