Lol, I haven't asked for requests much, but I feel like it, so give me your requests. :D You decide if you want a tutorial or a drawing, doesn't matter, just like how it doesn't matter what you ask me to draw (well, maybe there are a few things I won't draw).

   I guess if you want me to draw something on paper, I can do that too, just say so. Oh, and please don't give me a dozen requests in one post, that just makes it tiring, and unfair to other people who have requests. :D

wanna be my girl

How about my character Litara? She actually supposed to wear pigtails, and make her hair long anyway.

ranma if you may please

Originally posted by: sporties83

wanna be my girl

Ehhh, not the kind of request I was looking for.

can you draw Alisa Southern cross from Keroro gunso please??

Draw a green Dinosaur (tyrannosaurus), with a white top that sais 'i lost my socks' with a broken love heart and give him a brown backpack, sunglasses, a straw hat and if you could, a pair of yellow welly boots.

 Get to work.

Lol, thanks for the requests, I'm on it.

can you draw marx from kirby super star ultra game?if you haven't got free time or you can't for some reason it's ok!

Would you plz draw Miku Hatsune or Miku Zatsune?

I am really into all of the vocaloids.

But, I can't figure out how to draw them.

Can u draw Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist, please? 

Can you please draw an angel with the wings coming out of his back. And have a front view and a back view. If it is too much thats ok just anything is fine even if it is just wings. Thank you. Tutorial (Drawing would be great too)

can u draw my chimchar pic?


how about a ninja?

i really like aliens from aliens vs predators so i would like a alien plz but i want a straw hat too thanx

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