Another of my hobbies is wood carving and I like to do incised carving on signs Recently I came across a horse pattern that was drawn with thick and thin lines showing just the suggestion of the horse which is perfect for my style of incised carving. I don't know what this technique is called but I want to learn it. I will try and post an image of this horse which I bought off the internet so you can see what I mean. In any case I want to learn how to do it and any suggestions on where I can find tutorials, both video and text would be greatly appreciated!

Beautiful. I swear it is a lovely design and eye catchy because of these amazing strokes and lines. I have always loved horses and stallions. There is an ongoing event going on in my school where students have participated in them and they are keen to win. They have used these Back to school coupon codes through which students has got great discounts on buying palettes and colors.
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