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That's right, the next gen of the yugioh series. 'Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal'. It's basically a fusion of the older versions of Yu-Gi-Oh mixed with some Pokemon styles (only those who've played the games I'm thinking of get the reference). Wiki has leaked some footage of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, it airs in spring of 2011. No, this is not made up and no, I'm not messing with you. BTW, this is a boy by the name of Yuma, not a girl (though I'd hoped they would've been a bit different and finally changed the gender this gen).

Okay, this is the most recent trailer they have

Now, don't get me wrong, I love the Yu-Gi-Oh series, I've been a fan for all their gen's regardless on how bad, but this.. this is just..... ugh. This looks like a bomb just waiting to explode. Though, there's not really a trace of originality I could find in the trailer, I really hope the series lives up to the potential beyond what the veiwers expect.

Okay, here's a spoiler of some of the characters you should expect to see.

Yuma- Main protaganist (main character)

Akari- Yuma's sister

Tetsuo- Yuma's rival

Haru- Yuma's grandmother

Kotori Mizuki- Yuma's best friend

Ryoga- The bully

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