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The first series anf GX was awesome but now they're letting it drag on like sumone alrdy said.  I recently started to read 5D's and its weird  same w/ the series  also with pokemon, the manga is better and the series is going on too long. They dont even have good names and physical appearnces for the new pkmn or yugioh cards  i mean, give it a rest!  if u agree w/ me, u can comment me  Trust me, im open for anyone to tlk to me  All these manga nad anime series get boring very easily (like yugioh and pokemon like i alrdy mentioned) and also naruto.  There r very few manga/anime series tht dont have "sequels" like deth note and shaman king and elfen lied. and also bleach  the beginning vols. were awesome but now its like blegh..

I can go on forever!  no joke! But i'll stop for now

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