I only know one, which is but theres some anime series that's not listed on it. It would be freaking awesome if anyone know of any sites that I can watch it for free.


dubhappy if u want them in english


animeultima.tv and animefreak.tv and youtube Smile 


Yeah crunchyroll is the best i've found so far, but you have to pay for it.

Best chances are that Goodanime, gogoanime, animefreak, dubhappy, or animeultima.tv will have what you are looking for.

this is just for bleach, bleachget.com and just for naruto, narutoget.com.

These are really good

Hello~ I think, for me, animeseason.com is good, it doesn't have any pop-ups. goodanime.net it has pop-ups and is a good one, it shows updates about new anime episodes and new animes for a season(summer,winter,spring,autumn). and has a lot of anime there.

animecrazy.net is a really good site to watch anime~

bleachwath.com for bleach english dubbed an subbed

i dont know about anime but bigfunnyhead.co.uk is a great site for cheap caricatures

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