Lol, it seems the contests in my group are picking up dust. -_-" So I guess I'll spread the word and post it here too.

The original contest can be found here:

Theme: Subject title pretty much gave it all away, but it's a Winter contest! :D Draw or write something that's winter-inspired, like a snowman, or a snow fairy or reindeer head-butting or something.

Rules etc:

No plagiarizing or tracing etc, etc. You should know better than that.

You're allowed to add quotes in the writing part, but make sure you make a note of where you got it from.

Make sure you stick to the theme, mmkays?

Please make your piece age-appropriate (pg 13 at most).

Post your entry on this forum or send it in a message. Technically, just get it to me.

Note: This is not a Christmas contest, that will be a separate contest that will run in a few days. So please, sort of shy away from Christmas-themed things and save it for the Christmas contest.

Another Note:  If you would also like constructive criticsm, please say so as well. And as long as you have not entered the contest, you're free to judge (though, if you entered the,say, writing part you ARE allowed to judge the drawing part).

Contest ends on December 29th, 2010. So have fun, and do your best!!!

Drawing Entries:




HI!!!CAN I JOIN?~ SOUNDS AWESOMEmy entry is hinata chibi in snow here:

Awesome! Haha, now I just need a ton more people to enter. Truthfully, your the first. XD

imag gonna join. im sorry but it is kinda christmasy, forgive meh there it is...well it is christmassy/wintery in a way 'cause she's wearing chrismas suit

It's okay. Tongue I'm just gald you joined. :D

ho wdo i join


Just post a link of your drawing/story onto this post or send it to me.

Time to announce the winner of my contest!!!

Dun dun DUUUUN~ And the winner is...

Yokina_neko090!! Congrats!

Everyone did a great job! Thanks for participating. Wink

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