Hello everyone, I just found the site a little while ago and i want to learn how to draw. Ever since i got into anime i always thought about getting into drawing but unsure if ill ever get good enough at it, i tried this eye drawing tutorial not sure where it was but it turned out half way decent. So i wanna try getting into drawing see how i do but i am unsure of how to procede. Some tutorials i find start kinda easy then goes into something i cant do at my beginner level.

In the end im just looking for advice on where to start? Do i start on a pencil and paper or do i use the computer image software like photoshop? Or do i use both but start on the computer since i bet itll be easier on computer to start out on? Whichever one what do you start drawing first to help improve you'rself? Eventually i want to draw people like manga, I want to find some good total newbie tutorials and start learning but i have no idea where or what would be easiest to start out with, on here there is no category for beginner on tutorials.

Thank You for reading this, and sorry if i broke any rules for posting cant really find any faq that states the rules on posting. Just kindly point me in the right direction and ill get to practicing.

well id start on paper concentrate on the anime eye then move on to hair other features body structure clothes then shading. and when you get good enough go on to the computer you may find it hard at first but if you get youst to it and tke up other peoples techniques then youll get more youst to it.

it took me about 8 months to actually youse the mouse like a pencil so dont give p.

Would you like me to give you a video of anime eyes for begginers?

I agree with angelerin5

I started with the head, different eyes, hairstyles, noses, mouth etc.
Then I started trying out arms legs + whole body.
I also have some 'How to draw' books about it, and they actually helped me. :D

And ofcourse: PRACTICE.  A LOOOT.


here's a simple way

practice a lot and learn from your mistakes, because ifyou learn from your mistake then you can improve on it better and yu'll become awesome at drawing on your computer and everything and if you are stuck on drawing on your pc. then i suggest you get a tblet it will be more like you using a pencil or pen so their you go

Cool Thanks for the advice people, Ill do what you say and get into the eyes first then move on to the other parts of the face.

angelerin5 sure ill try that video whatever i can get might end up being different from the other one i found so i am willing to give it a go. If you got any others for beginners feel free to give those too.

misaa where did u get those books? what where the books specificly? if they are on amazon or something ill order them off there.

kitkatlord tablet good idea, sounds like pc drawing is hard, i did kinda think pc would be easier since u can do perfect circles, use rulers, and draw perfect lines like that all inside the programs, i guess it isnt easier to draw on the pc sounds harder if anything else. Ill stick with pen and pencil for now then.

Thanks again for the starter advice everyone.

The thing about drawings is that you need to practice, what i mean is you cant expect to be a pro drawer in say a week it takes time, just be patient, and draw because you like to draw,not because you want your drawings to look good right away.

paper 1st.cause if u got bettr on oencil (or pen) nd paper,u culd sumwat easily do tutorials on the web.im still on pen nd paper.

if u want 2 c sum examples,go nd c compound's drawings.hes really gud at sketching

Well, I think that you should start with a pencil and paper, try to use guidelines first. It may be a pain, but when you get better you can get along without using guidelines. =) You can go to deviantART and search for simple tutorials on head shapes and eyes. After you've mastered the whole face/head, go to google/deviantart/drawingnow/dragoart any drawing site and look at peoples other drawings for reference of the hair. Maybe go to youtube and check out Mark Crilley, the creator of the new manga series, Miki Falls. After hair is alright, go on with the body. Get your proportions right, go on to clothes. Check out other youtubers and observe how they draw clothes. Lastly, learn shading and wrinkles/folds on the clothes. After you know how to draw on paper, download drawing programs eg. Paint Tool Sai, Open Canvas,etc... And look at youtube tutorials on how to use them. Get a tablet if you're not able to draw with a mouse.Don't get too complicated. Start simple, maybe sketch people from anime (Naruto,Bleach). But not the complicated people. xD Anyways, since you say you're a beginner, go with simple and easy tutorials and you will advance to the next level. XD Hope this helped! =)


P.S sorry if this post is too long! xD


My tip is to start witha subject you like because you will spend a few hours on it. My website proposes 8 drawing lessons for beginner. You can choose the subject (face, still life ...) and the technical (graphite, pastel, acrylic ...)

Those lessons are for free.

PLease let me know if it helped you.


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