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Hello everyone, I just found the site a little while ago and i want to learn how to draw. Ever since i got into anime i always thought about getting into drawing but unsure if ill ever get good enough at it, i tried this eye drawing tutorial not sure where it was but it turned out half way decent. So i wanna try getting into drawing see how i do but i am unsure of how to procede. Some tutorials i find start kinda easy then goes into something i cant do at my beginner level.

In the end im just looking for advice on where to start? Do i start on a pencil and paper or do i use the computer image software like photoshop? Or do i use both but start on the computer since i bet itll be easier on computer to start out on? Whichever one what do you start drawing first to help improve you'rself? Eventually i want to draw people like manga, I want to find some good total newbie tutorials and start learning but i have no idea where or what would be easiest to start out with, on here there is no category for beginner on tutorials.

Thank You for reading this, and sorry if i broke any rules for posting cant really find any faq that states the rules on posting. Just kindly point me in the right direction and ill get to practicing.

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