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Well, I think that you should start with a pencil and paper, try to use guidelines first. It may be a pain, but when you get better you can get along without using guidelines. =) You can go to deviantART and search for simple tutorials on head shapes and eyes. After you've mastered the whole face/head, go to google/deviantart/drawingnow/dragoart any drawing site and look at peoples other drawings for reference of the hair. Maybe go to youtube and check out Mark Crilley, the creator of the new manga series, Miki Falls. After hair is alright, go on with the body. Get your proportions right, go on to clothes. Check out other youtubers and observe how they draw clothes. Lastly, learn shading and wrinkles/folds on the clothes. After you know how to draw on paper, download drawing programs eg. Paint Tool Sai, Open Canvas,etc... And look at youtube tutorials on how to use them. Get a tablet if you're not able to draw with a mouse.Don't get too complicated. Start simple, maybe sketch people from anime (Naruto,Bleach). But not the complicated people. xD Anyways, since you say you're a beginner, go with simple and easy tutorials and you will advance to the next level. XD Hope this helped! =)


P.S sorry if this post is too long! xD

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