one of the things that i draw best are women.. i have gotten so used to drawing their figuire.. another thing is fairies.. well.. my faeries...

what i did was practice.. and i am sure taht of you practice you would beacome an artist too.. remember that bieng an artist isn't just about paints and canvas.. it can be about other things too.. what are you good at?

My Little Ponies and still life... how odd is that? I have GOT to make time to practice but i'm waaaay too ADD for my own g- *gasp*, a butterfly! Yay!

Accept everyone for their race, beliefs, gender, and age. If you have time to judge others, you're not looking closely enough at yourself.

i draw naruto, bleach, inuyasha, dragonball, dragons and that things

still life, cartoons, abtstract, fixing/decorating my pictures of me, my friends and family on Photoshop, and copying master artwork (like artwork done by Da Vinci, Picasso, etc.)

I'm terrible at drawing people, but I'm trying to get better. I'm trying to teach myself how to draw manga/anime.

Me Im Good at manga,animals,swords but i cant make my own manga

the things that i draw best is i say, anime and some cartoons

Hey ican draw anything except toddlers!Tongue

Girls, horses, manga and cats. Sometimes a dog.

i draw cartoons,dragons,and skulls. i just started a profile and i got reallygood drawings coming soon.                                

i like to draw cartoons and animals just like these ones 

naruto, the simpsons, family guy, and making my own manga

I'm Good At drawing People. I Like To Draw Myself If I was from Anime Is Awesome.

i dont know really. maybe realistic anime and manga!  

i love to do eyes to! check out my gallery i have some drawing's of anime eyes there!

i have problems drawing the head, like to get the right shape
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