I think that I am best at anime,manga. there is something about it that i enjoy drawing.

i enjoy drawing dragons and cars and i'm good at drawing both.

i drew Jerry, Sonic, and that crazy thing... Invader something. Jerry is my best.

im sorta good at manga

Hmm... That would be a hard one it';s between Nature and Manga. But nature is differet from other people everyone likes manga but I like Nature better:

So I guess it has to be nature!

I can draw many things, just like everyone else can draw many things, but I'd say I can draw really good Chibi's and if I do details and coloring on some or any of my pratice or just for fun drawings, they turn out really good, but not as good as...dam I forgot the persont name, but man she draw anime&Manga a lot better than me.

I'm awesome with abstract, roses and hearts are my second best. I have some problems with eyes=/ Cartoons are my third best

just learn where is the light and the dark side......

i draw animals and cartoons best


I would have to Say..Anime :D

RL pictures are not as good but i cant say there bad either i prefer

Anime because i have been drawing anime since i was hmm..

1 XD Not lying!

Bad fan arts that make me puke. ;~;

I could draw... Manga eyez, fictional monsters and such, i dont know what i draw, but it's outta this world!!!


Realism, anime/manga, and surreal life/cartoons.

i know i already say what im good at but it seems to me i getting more and more better at drawing realistic animals.

Eh I guess I'm alright at drawing zombies....and screwed up looking people lol.

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