I can draw a very few amount of dogs, anime heads/hair/eyes, clothing I'm not too great at, there are other things I can draw but not like mangaka's or anime experts. My art teacher says I'm drawing realy good heads, but I need to work on the sizes of body parts.

I cin only draw teen girls an little girls an pokemon.... i reeeally need ta find some more time ta practice.... lol

i guess i draw anime, and few kinds of animals the best. but i used to rlly suck before. i'm gettin better all the time. just...need...more...practice... =D

anime's with me.

I draw animals and nature. I can draw good eyes.

moustly bodys..and faces toXDum im more into humans^^

I like to draw fantasy stuff like demons and skulls....here I did a quick tutorial on drawing a troll character....

How To Draw An Ugly Troll

Aswell as other things I write and draw my own comic books too.

Horses, people, flowers. I mostly only do horses though!

i draw manga and pokemon thats about it.

i draw naruto characters and landscapes


Im better at drawing from perspective. If I can see it I most likely can draw it.

Im still looking for my own style, I cant really draw my own things all that well.

 I'm best at drawing manga/anime and animals.

♥Blind People And Plz Don't Think Am A Girl Cause Of The

I draw really good eyes,

I also think that worms are easy to draw, check out my gallery

im good at drawing Code geass characters LOL


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