It's like everyday the internet connection always get lost because of the router. And then I get tired of waiting for the internet connection to reset. My brother doesn't want me to do it but he says he can, just because of his XBOX 360, and I can reset the internet connection. This is why I wasn't online much on DrawingNow today. And for today, this actually happened like two times. So do you think I should buy a new router, or should I just keep it? I even go on to safe sites from virus.

Well do you think you should keep it? It is up to what your mind thinks!

Actually the problem could not be in the router.

you could try and reconnect everything again if you have done it then reply back

try updating the firmware if you can on that modem.

Unplug modem, for a bit, reset to factory defaults. Install a different 3rd party firmware on it, i have a router that has Tomato firmware installed works great.

If its none of that then its either ISP or the modems bad get a new one.

Thanks for the replies. ^^ @kitkatlord Actually I already do that, but thanks again.

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