I feel like I'm abusing my Latino OCs. xD I need something new! So, uhm, any anime requests? :3 It'll be traditional drawings though.

Can you draw my OC Soda? Here's her bio:  

She's a milkshake gijinka (in case you don't know what that means, it's a human version of anything that isn't alive or are objects) by the way, I just thought "Soda" would be a good name for her.

Here are some other pictures of her:

Thanks! :D

Of course! :3 Thank you for all the references. I'll start on it.

Can you draw death the kid from soul eater? *O*

Can you draw someone from Neko? I love them because they have cute little ears on them. Let me give you some pics below.Plus the website could show you more.


Sorry about the other one. below is the website. the others were just pics.

Sorry Again

 Sorry about not being on recently. I'll get on all these requests right after schooling. ^^;

will you draw hikari from this ugly yet butiful world?

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