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I got a few that are awesome. You prolly haven't heard of them.

Sekirei. If you're into that whole borderline hentai thing with little plot and lots of chicks. It's meh.

School Rumble. Very funny anime with crack. No not the drug. There's plot that stays with some episodes, but then there's filler episodes that are hilarious. Some action, lots of chicks, and it's hilarious.

Monster. Huuuuge mind-f*** at the end. It's very realistic and has some partial nudity and cussing. Absolutely genius. I love this anime. Every character's story is linked to each other somehow. Not gonna rant about it though OTL

Black Butler. This anime. Is MAGNIFICENT. About a boy who's died in a fire along with his parents in a mansion. He makes a agreement with a demon to bring him back to life so he can fulfill all his duties. After he is finished the demon gets to eat his soul. The demon, however, must be his butler while he is still alive and protect him from harm. Lots of fighting and funny parts. 

Axis Powers Hetalia. If you like cutesy non-shojo anime. Without all that glittery girly transformation but still awesome and cute enough to fangirl over. This anime is about countries of the world going on adventures as if they were people. My all time favorite.

Durarara! Awesome plot, characters, and action in this anime. I can't really explain all of the awesomeness as a whole though. It's one of those anime's you just have to watch to understand how cool it is.

Ao no Exorcist. This anime is about a boy that's lived his entire life at a church thinking he was human and learns that he's the demon son of Satan. The very 1st episode has a lot of fighting and action in it and you will be hooked. Very awesome anime. 

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! I can't really remember what this anime was about other than it's about a middle school boy that needs tutoring. When he does get a tutor he turns out to be a hitman in the mafia from Italy. He helps him gain his powers and he learns about all his friend's having powers too. Awesome, classic anime. 

Darker Than Black. If you like those animes with a really deep plot and interesting characters, you can watch this. It's similar to Monster but with more fighting and everyone has powers. It's kind of dark themed but has enough action to make you wanna see the next episode.

That's basically all I can name besides Naruto, Bleach, and Death Note, which EVEERY middle schooler knows about. I like these animes and I hope you enjoy them too.

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