You think you're a good artist? Love anime? Make a tutorial on your own fan made character. It can be anime from anywhere in the world. French, English, Japanese, it doesn't matter. Only things needed are-

Need to note the anime and on what it is (example: Yu-Gi-Oh/ fan made duel monster)

It needs a name (example: Evil Hero Blackheart)

It needs a background or description (example:Feind Effect: Must remove from play 12 Elemental Hero(s), Evil Hero(s) and/or Destiny Hero(s) from grave, hand or deck in order to summon this card. This monster attack points equal the attack points of the monsters removed from play.)

After doing so, you don't have to say "how to draw" in it. Black and white sketch is okay if there isn't enough ink to color it in fully on this site.

If you need help on a name, just ask, nothing is counted against you for borrowing a given name.

Also, I need to notify this. I am in the contest, however, there are 3 parts to this. You may sketch on paper and post that as your entre. The victor will be selected by me. However, because I am the judge, I will not have an entre in this catagory to make it fair. This also means I need two people to be a judges. One will be a judge of tutorials and the other will be a judge of the drawings.

Please, PLEASE mail me your entres so I know who has entered and who is still working. The date in which the ending will be decided will be on 12/27/10, so it does NOT end at that date. We will be re doing the contest after a victor has been called on 1/11/11. It's set like that purposefully so it's easy to remember

Imma compete it should be done in 2 days

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