Hi everyone,

I just wanted to post and say hi.

It looks like this is a really active and knowledgable community. I can't wait to contribute and hopefully learn from you guys!


HI! Welcome, hope you will enjoy this web

What he said ^

Hi everybody!!!!! 

I want to ask you maybe you will know something good for not very good painter???

Originally posted by: bolt220

HI! Welcome, hope you will enjoy this web

yea what he said

Actually I'm a girl not a boy. By the way if you have any question you can ask me:D

yeah what she said (bolt2200) have fun on this iste add me if you want to learn some techniques or so see ya around

Hi! I'm new here as well and hoping that I can snoop around and pick up some tips from everyone here too.  I'm REALLY new... like I need to completely learn how to draw. ha ha. But I'm excited to have so many new resources. I am sure we both will find lots of guidance here!

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