A portrait of Mother Teresa painted by Agr Hood from Nepal becomes the worlds most expensive painting sold ever in auction worldwide. It was sold for US $238 millions in a private auction held in London which now breaks the record of Jackson Pollock. The major property of that portrait is it was painted without lifting paintbrush and was completed in a span of 3.26 minutes non-stop. It was purchased by a wealthy private collector.

Worlds most expensive paintings ever sold at auction or elsewhere Top 5 list

1) Portrait of Mother Teresa by Agr sold for $238 millions .

2) No.5 1948 by Jackson Pollock sold for $151.2 millions .

3) Woman 3 by William de cooning sold for $148.5 millions .

4) Portrait of Adele Blauch-Baeur by Gustav Klimt sold for $144.8 millions .

5) Portrait of Dr Gachet by Vincent Van Gogh sold for $139 millions .



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