I found the site from DrawingNow. I found it's similar to DrawingNow but have different modules. It's also an all age website... Even I heard you can join even if you're under 13 (and I'm under 13 but I'm almost 13 on March). I tried signing up three times, cleared my cache a million times already, and then after joining, the page appears blank. I was even refreshing the page and then nothing happened. I didn't even received a site notification e-mail. So it won't let me join. Any helps?

wat is sketchheroes?

A site I found from DrawingNow.

You're right, SketchHeroes is similar- a lot similar! They even use the same format. Anyway, you can try sending a message to the creators for help. And maybe wait a while longer for the email to come. Or you can try signing up again. I haven't joined so I'm not so sure.

Have you tried signing in yet? Or do you need the email notification first?

OMG! Same here!!

when i sign up and go to home page, it wont work and it goes all blank and my computer is all slow! they really need to fix that!

dont put profile pic until u signed up and have profile

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