Hello people of Drawingnow. For those that are unaware, the ramin game is actually a variety of things, but the main point of it is sharing ideas and making your noodle stand out from the rest.

This ramin game is about video game characters.

Have you ever considered making your own game and earning braging rights from one of the most fun jobs in the world? Well, this is about you showing off your unique spark. You see, I too want to be a game designer in the future, and I've already got two games figured out. From beggining to end, and I want to show off. Now, I know I'm not the only one, and that's why I made this topic.

The point is, draw or make a tutorial of any or all of your characters/bosses/ enimies and post them here. Let everyone see your ideas come to life through this site. I plan to soon draw my characters, and I wanted to post them somewhere. So, for those that either want to be assissters to a master game designer, or the master, that's up to you, but know your limitations.

Okay, yes, there are a few rules everyone should know.

1. No plagurising. (For example: Sora from Kingdom Hearts is your main character)

2. No theivery. (F.E: Someone made a cat with a mohawk named Kowi that had pink fur and another person made a similar replica named Koawii with green fur)

3. Be original.

4. Have fun and be fair

Okay, I'll start.

Game 1



Game 2



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