I haven't drawn anything for a while now, the last thing I drew was a picture of Spyro the dragon (the classic version).

I just got the scanner on my printer fixed and so I hoping to do more pictures in my spare time and upload them to the site.

Anyway...Nice picture! I think your tip of trying to draw dogs first might work for a lot of people.

right now im doing some touch ups on paint. im about done and ill post it when im done. and thanks =P

ok i got it =P thats what happened when i fixed it in paint. hope you can see it better.


I have neary finished reading a book called 'The Sight' by David Clement-Davies.

This book is great for anyone who is really interested in wolves and gives a unique insight into what they might feel.

Just thought i'd let you know, in case anyone was thinking of buying a book. LOL


Oh and yeah, thats much better! Didn't think there was anything wrong with it the first time though!

i know but it just helps people see it better

I've read The Sight, it's one of my favorite books!!


I added a tutorial of how I draw some of my wolves if you want to look at it

Great thank you. Definately gonna look at those.

i love wolves they rule the world i made a group called timber wolf pack and other ppl make wolf packs on groups. WOLVES RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i know how to draw a wolf but they end up looking like cartoons sometimes its hard to explain how to draw it because i dont use shapes i just have a pic of it in my mind and i just draw the outline of it then i add details to it

Yea I try to that when i'm drawing any picture. I suppose to draw them like that, you need to learn, and unfortunatley, thats not one of the things I have learnt to do.

Bit gutted about that actually...

One of my Favourite wolves is the one in the Legend of Zelda - The Twilight Princess. I love Wolf-Link in that, and the people who did the character design not just on the wolf, but on Midna too should be very, very proud!

Keep posting guys and gals!

Whoa, really. 20144 views.... o.o

well go on uttube look up a drawing of the head then the body make sure there about the same size as long as u have done that it should look pretty neat

Wolves are awesome x3 check out my wolf drawing? :o?

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