Hello fans of KH and YuGiOh, I'm feeling more bored than ever now that I have a 3 day weekend and I'll draw just about anything requested. And for the heck of it, I'll send the tutorial to whomever requested it. PLEASE take into consideration that I will only draw ONE of each, unless they've got two or more forms, such as,

Dark Riku

Riku (Birth By Sleep)

Riku (Kingdom Hearts)

Riku (Kingdom Hearts 2)

So please take note that I'll only draw ONE of each version, but I'd rather take requests and send them than do them in my own order. Also, I'm still doing YuGiOh monster requests. The monsters I've already done for tutorials are,

Neo Spacian Air Hummingbird

Winged Dragon of Ra

Blood Sucker

Red Demon Dragon

Blue Eyes White Dragon

Ancient Fairy Dragon

Petit Dragon

Petit Angel

Please note that then and now I will not make tutorials of fake monsters, if I haven't heard of it and it's not on google images (excluding Manticore of Darkness and Ko'aki Sea Panther [being that I have the cards]), then I will NOT draw them.

Can't wait for you're replies,


PS-There are some monsters I can't draw, but being that there is so few, I doubt anyone will really even post them.

could you draw axel plz?

Please draw sora! thanks!

please draw roxas

Plz PLz draw Axel I LOVE HIM!!!!! from Kingdom Hearts 365/2 days

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