ok,ive seen pretty kewl profiles wit glitter grafics.nd i wantd 2 no how do i do that.can u plz help me?

ummm... do u mean how to put a picture in the backround in your profile? If so... u go to the MY ACCOUNT in the upper right of the page, then it will show you your account. After that, you scroll down until you see the sign that says DESIGN MY PROFILE, it will show you lots of things if u want to put some picture of yours or something u go to BROWSE then upload your picture that you want to put in... If u want the advance backround you scroll allllll the way to teh bottom and see the big box that is blank and u put the code or URL in there Smile U find the URL ar code in the website with backrounds in it Smile phewww! that was alot of writing! Well, i hope this help you alot!! Smile goodluck!! and have fun!!

Lol. idk what u mean. But i got one guess xD Hmm go to google click glitter graphics click any websites click on the glitter graphics code or sumtin w/e it is there haha -w- paste in about me or anywhere that makes ur profile look good and pretttyyyy teheh. and i guess that about IT OHH Yeaaa. u still own me a tango | mango. xDDD

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