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I'm trying to become a kid staff. By doing this, I thought I might as well use the opportunity as an excuse to draw Yu-Gi-Oh monster tutorials. If you have a request for a monster to be drawn that does not already have a tutorial, needs to much ink, I'd be happy to draw it. Only things I will not draw-

Spell cards: Even though they have monsters on them, I won't draw them as tutorials, no exceptions.

Trap cards: Same.

Clear monsters: Because there are so few that I can draw, I request that no tutorial requests about them.

Symbol monsters; Any moster with a certian symbol on it makes it over complicated for me (such as blue eyes ultimate dragon, crimson ninja, armed ninja, ect). Please look up the monster you'd want in a tutorial, if it does have a symbol on it's body, then I won't draw it.

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