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hey everyone on drawingnow i see alot of you ask about how to put music on ur profile just so u know you could either make a playlist on


you should make 1 on playlist thought cause its better and by the way if you make one on add me mi username is skateboarder8742  so yea thats how u can add music and after you make one on one of these sites and get all the songs you want click get embed code and on playlist it will ask you which playlist you want the code for and you choose the one (if you have more than one playlist like me) on playlist it will ask you if you want the songs to play in a random order or all in a row and it will ask you if you want a background like cars,sports team logos,celebs,etc. if you dont want   background then you just choose a color you want it to be and then you click get code or sumthing like that and you copy that code and paste it into one of ur personal info boxes exam.i like,i dont like,hobbies,music,etc. it can be in any box so thats how you do it users of drawingnow who dont kno how hope it helps have a good day

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