Drawing Now needs an update!

The things should be added:


-Blend Tool/Smudge Tool

-Brushes has to be like: Paint Brush, Crayon, Highlighter Etc.

-Layers-so the outlines of the drawings shouldn't be covered up by the paint

-Paper Backrounds-like colors of the backround

-The Opacity like when the colors fade away...

If the staff can fix that, drawing now can be really popular!


  i like those ideas! Smile


I highly agree with you. DrawingNow's application really needs an eraser, blend/smudge tool, etc. Especially an eraser, so there wouldn't be anymore mistakes on drawings.

Now about the paper backgrounds and the opacity, I thought there's already one. When I tried looking up on the background while on DrawingNow's applications, the background really does look like a paper.

And the layers, I definitely agree with you. Because when I tried drawing and drawing on the application, the color turned out runny like watercolor. But there may be already layers for the drawing of Drawing and Sketch/Guide lines, but my opinion, they're not the best layers.

And by the way, I also added an extra idea that would be good and bad. The ink should be removed so there would be no chance to stop drawing on there anymore. But I wouldn't think it's a great idea, because the more ink on drawing, the more longer the drawing animation would be when posted. And then it would lag the internet/computer.

I only have one thing and that's to have more ink that's all. Change the drawing program could make the user feel hard to get use to it.

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