My drawing request is opened again, since..

Today, I tried continuing drawing. I've been drawing and drawing and drawing for like 20 times already, and they turned out trash, so they're not finished, and not even saved. Because I can never think of any ideas on what to draw. Since I had a lot of ideas and now I just ran out, I would like to reopen my drawing request for the second time. It's been a very, very long time since I recently made a request reopened. It's been like months and months.

And also, it's been quite a long time since I'd never felt like drawing. Pretty much weeks now, so I'll just put my heads up and send out any drawing requests.

I don't draw

  1. Inappropiate contents - Because I always try to keep the site safe from adult contents. o.o;;
  2. Fan art anime characters - I actually had a feeling not to draw those, but I however did somehow. But the only fan art characters I would draw would be from Kingdom Hearts (I know it's only a game and a manga, but I believe the style is anime-ish), but as Kingdom Hearts I wouldn't do Disney and Final Fantasy characters. I don't draw only KH characters anyway.
  3. Cartoon characters. I'm the same as the 2nd reason. Look up above.
  4. Anime boys - I halfy and I halfy don't draw anime boys. Techincally, I usually don't draw anime boys, but if you would send a drawing request of it for me, sure.

I draw

  1. Anime girls - They're quite easy, depending on what the bodies are. I'll need to improve proportions and hands a little more usually, but I... Anyway I'll try my best.

*...I just got nothing to say.

     2.  Fantasy - I could get flattered from fantasy styles somehow. That actually happens since for a million years. jk xD Fantasy are actually pretty fun to draw, too.

     3.  People - I don't commonly draw people. This part is like drawing anime boys. If you send me requests of drawing people, sure. Just not of people from real life, celebrities, etc. Just some random people like anime section.

     4.  Nature - They could take a while to get them all done, but are also pretty fun to draw. They look pretty anyway. Tongue

     5. 3D - 3Ds are hard, so you'll have to wait for a million years to let me get them all done for you. They take a lot of efforts and stuff. Somehow they're not that hard.

Drawing Requests Pending: 0

Drawing Requests Finished:

Requests per Person: Any

Drawing Request: Open

This time I would have no plan to get it closed. I would keep it open just in case I needed to know how to draw as a suggestion.

Above, there may be many rules, but that would be your personal opinion.

Can you draw Winged Wolves? If you check my drawing's summary, I draw a lot of wnged wolves. I don't see anything wrong with winged wolves...their nature and fantasy, right? Anyways can ya? Thanks.

Originally posted by: Faustine

Can you draw Winged Wolves? If you check my drawing's summary, I draw a lot of wnged wolves. I don't see anything wrong with winged wolves...their nature and fantasy, right? Anyways can ya? Thanks.

Ooh.. I didn't know they're fantasy and nature.. but I forgot to say that I don't really draw animals for some reason. Soz. Pick another request.

I don't really think I checked your drawings before, but I would. [:

Ok..dont wanna give u a hard time so,whadda bout fantasy? doesnt really matter what it is, but i  would prefer dragons, or pheonix. but any other fantasy like, castles or something, im fine with. Thanks! again.

Hi! Can you please draw a girl that has long black hair with bangs, with purple eyes? the skin should be tan... if its ok, THANKS! 

I have a drawing request that goes in the catagory of fantasy. Can you draw the Cat Cerberus from the Fablehaven series?

i have a request. can you draw teen gohan from dragon ball z?

or any gohan really

the arcobalenos off of katekyo hitman reborn

Could you do Tomoyo Sakagami from Clannad? 

I would say im a drawer too except i have no idea how to draw her :S

Oh, wow. Thanks. ^^ I haven't been checking this forum for days now, but sure. Lately, every time I kept trying drawing, they turn out trash, and my ideas kept changing my mind. I can think of any to draw, and then I draw them, but that does really happen, because Paint Shop Pro is any bad.

But even though I said PSP (Paint Shop Pro) is bad, I'll still take your requests, and I'll try my best to get them all done and will turn out how I wanted. C:

can u draw me a cute wolf

can you do either Kairi, Namine, or XIon from KH? If not how bout Sora Roxas Axel or RIku?

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