Sorry that I have to say on the forums once again, but..

GAIA ONLINE IS SO RUDE!!! I want to quit this site so bad because it's too much drama to me. There's no way to delete accounts. By the way, I love this site but there's so many rude people here, but they know the rules.

I give up drawing. I said that because that's the only main reason why I stopped.

I made a new topic of a chibi cupcake doodle on the art arena and there were too many jerks saying it's very bad. The topic was made in 4 days ago, and that's not old!

And also, there were people calling me idiots and few of them said that I'm a stranger danger. I would never be a stranger danger on the internet!! I'm only 12-years old, and Gaia Online just harmed me a lot too much.

I know I should report people or ignore them, and I may have know how to.. but.. that's just too much and I believe they know the ToS on Gaia.

I have to shout and be mean because I'm trying to get my feelings out. I really need help! Please!

I'm moving back to DrawingNow only for commenting and posting (except galleries), and sometimes I may want to move back on to TinierMe.

I'M A WORST DRAWER EVER ON THE WHOLE INTERNET!!! No matter how hard I tried drawing, I JUST CAN'T DO IT!!! I just want to play games and stuff, like my 14-year old brother. I will give up drawing and will move on to games, so that means that I have to give up Sapphire Shine, and I quit Sapphire Shine for months now.

Originally posted by: Zorishi

Please read this all.

You don't know how much I want to slap you right now.

You ARE WAY better than those dumb jerks who hide behind computer screens to fight all their battles. I know I can't say just ignore them 'cause I know it's hard to. When someone jumps on you and makes you feel bad and makes you feel like you want to give up. I've had the same thing done to me so many times. But every time I just got back up and brushed those cold comments off and continued drawing. I wanted and still do want to show those people who the "crappy artist" is now.

Oh, and most of those people, they all probably TRACED their art work or stole it. Yeah, Their real artists. -sarcasm- So don't let art thieves put you down. Just knowing that you actually have the courage to post YOUR own art work make you 1000x better of an art than those disgusting little art thieves.

I love you art. But I am just one person. It doesn't matter If I like your art if anybody else likes your art. Your art should be something that YOU are proud of. Something that YOU accomplished and makes you smile from all the hard work that you put into it.

I know and understand that Gaia is a cruel place. But if you like stay and ignore those jerks who think they can just be jerks.

I hope that you read my long comment. Sorry if I sound like a jerk or hurt your feelings in any way, but I had to get that out and tell you up straight.

I hope this makes you feel better somehow. Smile I've always got your back if you need me even though we don't chat that much. Smile

No, you're not a jerk. The way you said is actually very useful, and you actually gave me more confidence the way I draw. ^^ Yeah, I know we don't chat to each other often, maybe perhaps I should talk to you more than before.

Those people are actually trying to help me improve my drawings more, even though they kind of sound like sarcastic.

That's right. They're probably just trying to be helpful. A good artist takes people's criticism and makes something out of it. Usually the outcome is good. And with your skill, the outcome will be great, I know it. ^^ And you ARE a good artist, people just don't understand your style yet. Vincent Van Gogh's a pretty famous artist, though no one used to like his work, but now his art's famous.

And keep in mind, Gaia's not exactly a site for kids. There will be some really horrible people out there, I know. A lot of gaians have annoyed me A LOT.

Anyhow, keep up the good work, your art's great. ^^ I hope nothing in my comment offended you, I have the tendency to somehow offend people by saying stuff that didn't come out right...

I have seen you Progress in the last year ive been here. I actually Enjoy your drawings, Sure they may not be 'The best' but there still good. If you Keep drawing you WILL get it.

Most people that are telling you, "you suck" Are Jellous of your skills, I bet you that they cannot draw a Stick person if there life depended on it. Please, It would really suck to see someone stop doing what they love over a few dumb people, Learn to see over them Lowlifes, Keep on drawing, A few years from now, you will be drawing as good as me, and If I keep drawing I will be Pro.

What I'm trying to say is, Don't give up!

I really hope you dont quit, and I'll be looking forward to your next drawing Smile


People who put down others for theyre talents or beliefs r jack-wipes!

i should know.  I wanted to become wiccan and stuff, but i got called the devil for it at school (before summer strted)

dont listen to anyone but urself, ur mind, and ur gut  they're the only things tht matter the most in opinion  not sumone elses opinion

Yeah, I actually like constructive criticisms because they actually help me to become a better artist.

And about Gaia, I agree with you about not exactly for kids. It says that you'll have to be 13 or older to join, and I am 12, but I already have joined, because I am using my maturity (I'm not 18, but I meant I'm pretty mature for my age). Also, I wasn't the one who created my account. But then I just quit ever since July 27th, because I got blocked from being too young. T_T I'll probably not advise my age anymore unless from any all ages websites. I actually won't mind for not going on Gaia anymore, because currently I'm addicted to Sonic games from my game console. Especially the Sonic DX, even though this game is old (created back in 2000, but 1999 for Dreamcast), but that wasn't the first Sonic game I played. I am the same thing as you about the horrible people. But I heard someone about a lot of sexuality and bloody gore on forums.

And about your comment, I don't think there's a single thing about offensive. That comment was actually very helpful. ^^

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