So the problem is when i am gone  choose the category, it doesn´t show any.  I can´t publish draws and tutorials. Whats going on? Did this happen to you , what did you do?  This problem is affecting many users too.

I am having the same problem, too.

yeah same ehre and its pissin me off

omg same same same I am soo worried about it I don't even know whats going on

same here  i cant publish a drawing anymore  wats going on?

I don´t know if this is related with that problem, but i remeber someting, when i was publishing the tutorial ,everthing has normal... it has unploading... in the end it didnt show  the same message it always show. It has some like this:

Publish tutorial



Is this some error ..... what does it means.

I dont know if it related... but since that , it didnt show any categories  and i can publish anything.

well i havent done a tutorial yet but that doesent sound good at all

Did someone already managed to publish any draws since this problem started?

nope none I just checked the page and nothing

The site looks so lonely now..... i am sad i want to publish my new draws!!!! Hope they resolve this  problems  quickly

Yeah so do I it has been so quiet now and its so unfair that we cant publish our work and I hope that the staff on here will help too  

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